Citizen science close to space


Citizen science is a research in which volunteers cooperate with professional researchers, as well as the form of scientific education, the form of cooperation in research and social movement. Citizen science is a new dimension of civil society. This is an evolving form of education consisting in gathering observations by project participants. The consortium members representing all V4 countries intends to answer the above by popularization of citizen science (in the field of near space exploration and research). Presently, due to technological progress more and more people can have a hands-on experience with space research. This is particularly important due to increasing relevance of space in our lives and for the economy. Space technologies give our society unprecedented opportunities and benefits. One of them is the potential to be able to harness the curiosity and skills of engineers and scientists, as well as citizens resulting in unique projects. Projects involving society in science are still not very popular. The consortium encourages society and individuals to participate in citizen science. The project proves that science is available to everyone and anyone can become a scientist. The project also has an additional dimension. Specific project objectives are strengthening cooperation between consortium members and promotion of V4 dimension.

The main project objective is to organize the international conference during which hobbyists from V4 countries will share with their experience and achievements in near space exploration. Moreover during the workshops general public visiting Centrum Nowoczesności Młyn Wiedzy will have an opportunity to take part in various „space” activities”. As a result of intended project is to increase the number of young people choosing scientific career. The aim of project is to encourage young hobbyists to explore their interest in stratospheric research by engaging them in a scientific experiment (form of social project).

The project will include a miniSAT program dedicated to pupils,students,citizens. MiniSAT is an experiment of the size of a ping pong ball.1000 pingpong „satellites” prepared by participants will be sent to the stratospheric using a stratospheric balloon during the conference. Read more about #miniSAT2018

Moreover during conference participants(students,school and academic teachers, other passionates) can present their achievements in this field.During the conference also will be organized varied activities for visitors showing how we can explore universe without sophisticated equipment. The highlight of the event will be loss of stratospheric balloons. Moreover during the conference will be organized workshops and popular science mini-picnic open for the members of general public visiting Innovation Centre Mill of Knowledge.

The term of conference and workshops:


Innovation Centre Mill of Knowledge

5 Władysława Łokietka Street



Fundacja Copernicus Project

Zławieś Wielka | Poland

Magyar Asztronautikai Tarsasag

Budapest | Hungary

Slovenska organizacia pre vesmirne aktivity

Bratislava | Slovakia

Ceska kosmicka kancelar

Praha | Czech Republic




The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.