„Visegrad Closer to Space” – project is co-financed by the Visegrad Fund. 


The intended project is dedicated to tackle the problem of decreasing number of young people choosing careers in area of science and technology.
The consortium members representing all V4 countries intends to answer the above challenge by near space exploration popularization. For years it was not accessible for the members of general public but now, thanks to technological progress more and more people can have a hand-on experience with space and space research.
This are is particularly important due to increasing importance of space in our lives and in the economy (satellite communication, medical research, new sources of energy etc.).

The main project objective is to organize the international conference during which hobbyists  from V4 countries will share with their experience and achievements in near space exploration. Moreover during the workshops general public visiting Centrum Nowoczesności Młyn Wiedzy will have an opportunity to take part in various „space” activities”. As a result of intended project is to increase the number of young people choosing scientific career. Conference will take place on May 20th 2017 in the Innovation Centre Mill of Knowledge (Toruń, Poland).

The intended project is to encourage young hobbyists to develop their interest in stratospheric research and to show kids during workshops that science and technology are not beyond their comprehension. Therefore the purpose of intended project is to organize an international conference for near space research hobbyists (students, school and academic teachers). During the event they will share their experience and present their achievements. The highlight of the event will be loss of stratospheric balloons. Moreover during the conference will be organized workshops open for the members of general public visiting Innovation Centre Mill of Knowledge.

Space exploration is dynamic sphere of scientific research and business opportunities. Therefore it is necessary for V4 countries to participate in the scientific and technological development in this area. The crucial factor are human resources (skilled and experienced workers). In order to fulfill the demand generated by local and international companies representing booming space sector more and more young people should choose career in science and technology. The most effective way to do that is to interest them in embarking on this career path by igniting their imagination with a hand – on space experience.


Fundacja Copernicus Project

Rozgarty | Poland

Magyar Asztronautikai Tarsasag

Budapest | Hungary

Slovenska organizacia pre vesmirne aktivity

Bratislava | Slovakia

Ceska kosmicka kancelar

Praha | Czech Republic


Centrum Nowoczesności Młyn Wiedzy

Toruń | Poland

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